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    Indica Flower's mission is to make the most of her college experience, and part of that involves fucking two guys at once without their knowledge - or so she thinks. Xander Corvus and his stepfather, Steve Holmes, have a unique relationship, to say the least, and are both completely frustrated with the fact that they are hitting the Indica. They found it even funnier that she thought she would get away with it. When Indica crawls in through the window and wakes Xander up with a blowjob, Steve interrupts their lovemaking with a sneaky photo of Indica having sex with Xander. After making a lame excuse to leave, Indica ran to Steve's room and started fucking him, but unbeknownst to her, Steve happily shared photo evidence of them making out with Xander. Xander then ran to Steve's room just in time to show Indica a surprised look - which shocked her at first. Thanks to Xander and Steve's sense of humor, Indica realized that she should have shared them openly from the beginning.